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As eBooks and the information on Internet marketing is changing so quickly, I can’t really recommend you a “Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing” or an “How to start an Online Business” eBook; instead I did a little research on what people are searching today on the Internet, related to Internet marketing.

The basic idea is that if people are looking for a specific eBook and/or name or Author, frequently then there are is a high probability that this could be some current and valuable content. Today is August 18th, 2010 and following a selection that should already give you a good idea:

  • affiliate marketing rosalind gardner
  • facebook marketing steven holzner
  • ftc guidelines affiliate marketing
  • jeff olson network marketing
  • jim rohn network marketing
  • newbies guide to internet marketing
  • newbies guide to video marketing
  • occam’s razor marketing
  • one hour marketing
  • online marketing for offline businesses
  • philip kotler marketing management
  • philip kotler principles of marketing
  • philip kotler social marketing
  • robert crisp network marketing
  • robert kiyosaki network marketing
  • russell brunson’s internet marketing
  • sun tzu strategies for marketing
  • travis sago’s bum marketing method
  • understanding online marketing

As you may have already realized, for our case I’ve selected mainly eBook authors, terms that sound like the title of an eBook or terms that seem to be related to (Internet) marketing techniques or systems.

Let’s have a closer look at some of those

For Internet marketing systems or techniques a good example is Russell Bronson. Russell Bronson is a very young Internet marketing (multi) millionaire. I think he younger than 30 years old, has made his fortune with his courses and membership sites already some years ago, but launches ever year at least one new product.

Then we have the search terms “newbies guide to internet marketing” and “newbies guide to video marketing”, “success secrets of the online marketing” those phrases sound much like an eBook title.

The Newbies Guide to Internet Marketing

And YES, this is a free, 18 pages eBook. Following a summary of the website’s content;

“8 Pages Taking You Into The Fast Lane Of The Internet Business World – Plus Marlon’s Very Own Internet-Marketing Terms And Definition Sheets To Get You Up To Speed On “Marketing Speak” Today”

WOW! Lot’s of content! So you may get curios and leave your email to get the eBook: Well, I did so… To make a long story short, the eBook has very basic, but solid content.

Looks like my theory is being confirmed; “If people search a lot for something, there must be a good reason”. Let’s see some more examples.

“The Newbies Guide to Video Marketing” eBook with MMR

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the best ways of showcasing and promoting your online business!

According to recent studies, 57% of people have watched online videos at some point in their life and 19% watch them even every day, just think about YouTube! Those figures are growing steadily as internet usage and social networking grows and is being more and more popular.

In short, Video Marketing should become part of your Marketing arsenal, sooner or later! This is where “The Newbies Guide to Video Marketing” may be a source to look at. So I searched on the Internet and found it quickly. You can get it for $1.35, including MRR (Master Resell Rights). The description reads as:

“I’ve covered everything you’ll need to take you from video marketing newcomer to clued up and confident video marketer. Even if you don’t know the first thing about video marketing I can show you exactly how to get started.”

I thought for $1.35 this may be worth having a look at; again, if there is a lot of buzz around the ‘The Newb’s Guide To Video Marketing’ there should be some reason to it.

Well, this time I was a little disappointed. The 30 page eBook, although accurate, is very basic and does not keep up with the promises. ‘The Newb’s Guide To Video Marketing’ gives you a good introduction on WHAT Video Marketing is but is very basic on the “HOW TO” side.

Online Marketing for Offline Businesses

Another interesting phrase is “online marketing for offline businesses”; I first thought it was a book title, but I did more research and have not found a book title, but quite some blog posts. So if you recall what the Internet Time Machine search engine returns “high demand with low supply”, then this seems to reveal an upcoming market demand.

Maybe you want to write an eBook and/or specialize in this area; particularly if your background is in the offline business or offline marketing. You could show the benefits of the combined offline and online marketing, or you could create a (local) consulting business, offering your services recommending offline businesses online marketing strategies.

Conclusions: Although in this short article I can’t show more examples, but I think you got the idea, and I am pretty confident that you will find quite a number of good eBooks and courses if you researched a little the other terms above. By adding the words “ebook” or “course” you will get more specific results, and if you add “review” you should also get some more information on the quality of the eBook.

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