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Web Site Revenue – A Few Easy Do It Yourself Tools for Any Business

As resource strapped small businesses look for ways to expand their market without expanding their payroll, generating more web site revenue shows a very quick return on investment.

Around the year 2000 the great internet land rush was in full effect. It seemed as though every small business owner was being told they needed a website. So, a lot of them got one… What next?

The good news was that there were many fewer web sites out there, and it was much easier to get found. Just like the traditional yellow pages, the goal was to have the “door swing” and the “phone ring”. Website revenue was going to be the life saver for small businesses who found they were spending too much time working in their business than building their business.

My favorite story from this time was an auto body shop who signed up with one of our former companies to have an e-commerce site developed. No, I’ll admit, we had some relatively aggressive sales people, and the truth is they didn’t know the first thing about the realities of website revenue generation.

So, the auto body guy who was also a distributor for a line of wheels and accessories got so excited by the prospects of his new revenue generating web site that he actually hired a new receptionist to man the phones. This was of course 3 months before delivery, so one has to question his whole decision making process.

What this story illustrates is the “build it and they will come” mentality that was pervasive in the early days of the small business internet.

Guess what. They didn’t come.

But, back then a few simple techniques would have made a lot of difference. Back before the search engines got smart all it took was having a little text on your pages and good “keywords” — to this day I hear people suggest all you have to do is make sure you have the right keywords in your meta tags, but that’s another story.

Really though, keyword stuffing worked… for a while.

These days though, if you really want to have your web site generate revenue it takes much more work.

Any good internet marketing company will tell you that what are referred to as “on page factors” only account for 20-30% of your ranking. As the search engines got smarter (thanks in part to a lot of Stanford PHDs), the need for good off-site promotion of your revenue generating web site became critical.

Examples of great ways to build off-page factors are:

  • Link baiting – the practice of creating interesting content just so people will link to it
  • Blog and News group posting – ONLY do this if you have something real to say!
  • Article creation and submission – again, make it worth reading
  • And, the old favorite: Link Exchange – this of course is losing value, and like Blog and News postings should be limited to those site with whom you really have a common thread
  • Finally, News Releases – and again, keep it real

So in summary, if you want to generate web site revenue, it’s critical to be realistic and recognize that the same things that worked 6 years ago don’t work today.

Good content, both onsite and off are critical to a revenue generating web site. Some of the revenue generating tools are discussed above, but a full discussion of how to generate web site revenue should include affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising and even off-line marketing.

You can build it, but if you don’t tell them about it they will NEVER come.

How to Determine the Right Home Based Business For You

Starting your own internet home based business is not just about having a dream. It is the quickest path to entrepreneurial success, plus it’s a lot less expensive than you might think. Under the right conditions and if you’re a certain kind of person, a home based business can be a wonderful option worth investigating.Imagine what it would be like if you could be among the 1% of people that actually succeed with their internet business. No more endless meetings, fear of being laid off, having to deal with economic crisis, or sitting in traffic.When you have decided that running a home based business is what you want to do, there are a few ways to get started. Remember that it is different for everyone, and that starting a home based business can be a very individual thing.There are real steps to ensure your business is a successful start. So what are some of the things you should consider when launching your home based business? Let’s look at 3 of the most important steps you need to do to establish your home based internet business:1. Decide on an ideaLet your imagination wander for hours and you’ll probably still not run out of ideas for starting your home based business. Where do you start?Well, most business ideas often come from a person’s education, experience and hobbies. By considering your natural talents, skills, and the sources of enjoyment in your life, you may find the seed for a good business idea. What you want to do here is to choose something that you are passionate about.The more you love your work, the more time and effort you will be willing to put into it. This can keep you going in the beginning, when things are still pretty lean. The foundation of ANY business should be passion or interest.Why?Because you’ll lose interest in your business if you’re not passionate about what it is that you do. Starting a business on the internet is easy, but you’re going to need strong passion or intense interest in your work…* What are you interested in?
* What are you passionate about?
* What subject or topic do you have a lot of knowledge about?
* What are people always coming to you for advice about?2. Do your research and gauge profitabilityMany home based internet business entrepreneurs give a scant view when it comes to researching the market. The fact is performing research is more critical to your success than driving tons of traffic.What you want to do here is to make certain that you know your field and that your idea is sound. Where does your idea stand in the market, and who is doing what you are doing? Can you do it better, or can you do it cheaper?There are lots of niches out there that are waiting for you to fill them. Make sure that you don’t start a business where the market is over crowded with entrepreneurs, doing things better than you could and with more experience under their belts.3. Model after existing systemsMake sure that you are not reinventing the wheel. Just because you are doing something new doesn’t mean that there are not ways that the knowledge of other people can help you.Find a proven system and find out how it can be modified to suit your needs. The problem with starting completely over is that it wastes your valuable time and takes you away from the important work that you could be doing. Many people are yet to realize that the Internet is all about having multiple streams of income.If you follow these proven strategies, you will begin to build a business that can last a lifetime. Be prepared, as some hard work lies ahead but anything worth doing is worth doing well.